Chapter 6: The Fall ClockworthyEdit

Ling-Ling-Chow: Boss the kids have saved all of the prisons and are heading up here after you.

Clockworthy: WHAT!!!!..... lost my cool there let them come im more than able to take care of some melding kids


Elliot: Clockworthy’s room is up them stairs

Oliver: Ok lets role

Jamie: Time for the final fight

Daniel: yeah lets go

Clockworhy: Well well well if it isn’t the kids and the toons

Elliot: Stop this

Clockworthy: You’ve ruined everything but its not over i can still kill you

Clockworhty took his kane and twisted the clock and pulled out a sword and gave them the challenge of there lives, he took a swipe and a slash but his sword got caught in the ground then Trev punch him in the face, knocking him to the ground,

Clockworthy: This isn’t the end

But then Oliver the cat and Vortex did something really stupid

Oliver the cat: Oooh what does this button do

Vortex: Let’s press it

Clockworhty: Don’t touch that ..Noooooooooooooooooooooooo

The fortress blew up, it just crumbled to the ground all that was left was Clockworthy’s room.

Clockworthy: You think this is over i will return

Policeman: I don’t think so your end arrest

Elliot: The Brainwashing satellite must have stopped working

Clockworthy was then shoved in a Police car then they drove him off back to prison.

The Cartoon’s: Now lets get you boy’s home

Vortex: Look that canon over there will take you home

Trev started up the canon and aimed it at the four boys then fired then they vanished.

The Cartoons: good bye

Then the boys woke up in their tent back on Earth

Jamie: Where home

Elliot: Yeah

Daniel: Everything seems to be back to normal

Oliver: Let’s get some rest

The End