Chapter 5: Storming Fortress ClockworthyEdit

The very same night the gang took off in the stolen Helicopter, and headed to Clockworthy’s fortress to save the cartoon’s loved ones.

Trev: Where almost there

But suddenly from out a window of the fortress a rocket got fired heading straight towards the helicopter


Elliot: Mayday mayday where going down

The helicopter spiralled down and plummeted it the fortresses court yard, they all got out of the wrecked Helicopter, to be greeted by D.O.A.C and 2 shadowed figures

Count Pringle: Well well well look who we have here boys

Zombie Cat: Great can we eat em

The Bull dogs: No the boss wants them alive

Shadowed figure : Thats right

Shadowed figure 2: Yeah that right Hayley

Shadowed figure 1: Harry you idot don’t say our names

Elliot: Harry & Hayley what the hell are you doing with them

Oliver; I think theve taken the path of evil

Hayley; Thats right boy’s me and Harry got given the powers of darkness by our master him self

Harry: Clockworthy rocks

Jamie: How could you side with them you were both our friends?

Trev; i don’t think they had much choice

Vortex; That’s what Clockworthy does, he takes the people closest to to you then turns them against you

Trev: Yes but remember that Clockworthy wasn’t always like this

D.O.A.C: Silence we shall take you to our master

Daniel: Not without a fight

D.O.A.C: Oh we’d hope you’d say that

The Boy and the cartoon’s fought with all there might against the D.O.A.C and Harry and Hayley. The fight lasted at least an hour the gang almost lost be a usual shock wave blasted out of the boys heart’s knocking D.O.A.C unconscious and Harry and Hayley fled.

Oliver the cat: Let’s just take a quick snap shot of us all for my album, say cheese


Jamie: You and your bloody album

Mr. Pringle: Now to save our loved ones

Oliver; let’s split up and search for them

Elliot, Trev and Link went to save Sherley in the east part of the ware house

Oliver, Vortex and Blackhole went to save Peter in the South part of the ware house

Daniel, Mr. Pringle and Tom went to save Mrs. Pringle West part of the ware house

Jamie, Oliver the cat and Salem went to save Snowy in the North part of the ware house

At the East part of the Ware house

Elliot, Trev and Link walked into the east room to find a pool of acid, hanging above the pool was Sherley, she was suspended by rope , where the rope began there was a trial of gun powder towards the rope and lit candle hanging over the trail. As soon as they entered the room the candle dropped on to the trail and set of fire, the fire began to slowy reach the roped and if that happened Sherley would fall to her death.

Trev: What to do what to do

Sherley: Hurry up dear ill be Sherley soup in a minute

Trev: Thats it

Elliot: What’s it

Trev; If we time it right the rope will snap and i through you across to pool to catch Sherley

Elliot: Are you crazy, why cant i through you

Trev: Your smaller so you’ll travel further, i think

Link: What why cant i do it

Trev: Your to little

Elliot: Pick me up then

Trev: Ready the rope is about to snapped.....go

Trev tossed Elliot across the pit and grabbed Sherley and landed on the other side of the pool

Trev: You did it

Elliot: lets go meet the others

At the South part of the Ware house

Oliver, Vortex and Blackhole walked into the south room setting of a trip wire, in the middle of the room was a bed and laying on the bed was Peter, above the was a block with spikes slowing moving the towards Peter’s demise.

Vortex: Peter nooo

Peter: Hey cutey pie mind getting me outta this

Blackhole: Leave it to me and Oliver, Oliver go find a way to slow it down and i’ll untie him

Oliver: Right think ..... got it perhaps if I

Oliver stepped back and trod on a loose floor panel which slowed down the trap

Blackhole: Dont move

Oliver: Ok


Blackhole: Ok ok hang on just a sec..... got it go

Blackhole pulled Peter off of the trap, then Oliver jumped of of the panel, and the needle trap came crashing down.

Peter: Vortex you did nothing to help

Vortex: Sorry

Peter: But thats why i love you dumb ass

Oliver; Let’s get out of here agreeded.

Blackhole: Lets meet the others

At the West part of the Ware house

Daniel, Mr. Pringle and Tom walked into west room and in the middle was Mrs. Pringle tide to a table and above her was was a cutting slowly going toward Mrs. Pringle

Mrs.Pringle: Aaaahhhh Henry help me

Mr. Pringle: Jill calm down


Mr.Pringle; Daniel go find something reflexive

Daniel: Ok how about that sheet of metal over there

Mr. Pringle: Perfect, Tom go give him a hand bringing it over here

Tom: Got it

Daniel; To me

Tom: To you

Mr.Pringle: Ok when i say hold the metal sheet under the laser.... ok go for it

They held the metal sheet under the laser, which made the laser reflex back on its self blowing it up, the locks on Mrs.Pringle broke.

Mrs. Pringle; Get me out of here

Mr.Pringle: Ok ok

Tom: She’s so demanding

Daniel: tell me about it

At the North part of the Ware house

Jamie, Oliver the cat and Salem walked into North room and in the middle was a tank of water and above the tank of was a cage slowly being lowed into the water in the cage was Snowy

Oliver the cat: Snowy im here

Snowy: About time

Salem: Look so rope

Jamie: Ok tie me then ill climb in

Oliver the cat: no i’ll do it

Salem; Ok me and Jamie will hold onto the rope, tug when you got her

So Oliver the cat climb in the tank when Snowy was fully submerged and pulled her out of the cage then tugged on the rope , with three tugs they had him and her out of the tank

Snowy: Few i thought i was a gonna

Oliver the cat: I love you Snow so much

Snowy; Me to

Salem: Let’s get outta

Jamie: lets go meet the guys

A little while later the gang where reunited now for the final fight.

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