Chapter 4: Sgt. Strong’s WrathEdit

Meanwhile on the other side of Toon world

Suddenly the rip in time and space re appeared and out fell Elliot and Daniel.


Daniel: Ouch rough landing

Elliot: Yeah agreed

Daniel: Yeah same here, wo, where the hell are we

Elliot: Well it looks like some place in cartoon city. The question is where.

Daniel: It looks like some sort of army base, Clockworthy’s brain washed the entire of Cartoon city so that means....

Elliot: Everyone is gonna try and kill us, we need to get out of here now

Daniel: Hang on ive got an idea

Elliot: What is it

Daniel: Well use our imagination

Elliot: Great in this world our imagination is our most powerful weapon

Daniel: Right, so if we imagine some wings..... Come on wings sometime this year....... oh well, bang goes that theory.

Elliot: Well looks like we’re going to have to work our way around this place, I wonder how big it is.

Elliot and Daniel went around the corners, through shafts, squeezed thorough tight gaps when all along the exit was right behind them, it was like that film with Jim Carey you know Dumber and Dumber, but by this time army had surrounded them.

Sgt. Strong: Halt Clockworthy wants these two killed immediately

Super Soldiers: YES SIR

Daniel: Ah crap

Elliot: Sgt Strong is one of Jamie’s cat characters he looks hypnotised

Sgt. Strong: Die you traitor to the king, open fire

The Soldiers began to shot at the Elliot and Daniel but they avoided the shots by hiding behind a tank

Elliot: King? ... Clockworthy

Daniel: Elliot its Trev and Mr. Pringle in that Helicopter

Trev: grab the ladder kiddies

The boys jumped at the ladder and the helicopter ascended into the sky, with the sound of firing gun shots began to sound nothing more than an echo.

Sgt. Strong: Come back here bast....


One of the super soldiers shot a petrol drum which exploded

Elliot: Few guy’s that was close thanks

Trev: That’s ok we couldn’t just leave you there presides you are my creator

Elliot; Were did you get a helicopter from

Link: We hi jacked it from the base

Trev: Link as your brother I’m concerned how do you know how to hi jack advanced military equipment.

Link: Errrrr Internet

Tom; who cares were safe

Mr. Pringle: We said we would meet the others a Trev’s house

Meanwhile Oliver, Jamie, Vortex, Blackhole, Oliver the cat and Salem where waiting at Trev’s house

Blackhole: How long is this going to take

Salem: Trev told us to meet at his house and wait Blackhole be patient but i do hope there alright

Vortex and Oliver the cat: Food Food Food Food

Oliver: Ok you two pack it in, stop playing hungry hungry zombie

Vortex and Oliver the cat: NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER

Oliver: Oh my god how thick can you get, you alright Jamie

Jamie: Actually... NO I’m not alright... I’m sorry I’m just tired and hungry and worried about Elliot and Daniel

Oliver: Hey, Jamie they’ll be fine and Trev must have some food in his cupboards

Jamie: Jamie pull yourself together

Oliver: Lets have a look soup, soup and more soup

Salem: Someone likes soup

Vortex: What’s that noise

Oliver: It sounds like a helicopter

They ran out of Trev’s house to his back garden to see the helicopter Tom and Link where driving land in front of them, then out stepped Elliot, Daniel, Trev, Link, Mr. Pringle and Tom

Elliot, Daniel, Trev, Link, Mr. Pringle and Tom: You alive

Oliver, Jamie, Vortex, Blackhole, Oliver the cat and Salem: So are you.

Elliot: Right we need to storm Clockworthy’s fortress but how

Trev: But first we need to save our loved ones, Sherley need’s me

Vortex: I want my Peter

Mr. Pringle: They’ve taken me wife

Oliver the cat: waaaah Snowy

Daniel: Do you know where they are

Trev: yes there in a storage warehouse behind the fortress

So the gang spent hours of plotting and planning until the time was ready to stop Clockworthy for world domination

Elliot: We storm his Fortress tonight

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