Chapter 2: Clockworthy’s escapeEdit

One day earlier in Toon World at the Max security prison.

Guard 1: I wonder if Clockworthy could ever escape from here

Guard 2: Ha impossible, with the anti gravity clamps on his hands and feet and two loaded laser cannons aimed at him, impossible.

Guard 1: Good old technology keeps the people of toon world safe from people like him.

Suddenly the power shut off along with the lights

Guard 2: Oh crap

Meanwhile in the generator room D.O.A.C and Clockworthy’s hench men had just turned the power off

Zombie Cat: There the power is off

Count Pringle: Good good

Butch: Now lets save the boss

Greg: Right on the blue print he is in this area of the prison

Tiddles: Greg why is it could a blue print

Greg: Because its blue you idiot

Tiddles: Oh i get it

So D.O.A.C snuck into Clockworthy’s cell to break their boss out

Zombie Cat: There he is

Clockworthy: Finally you got here get me down you idiots, careful them guns are loaded aimed at me.

Count Pringle: No problem

Butch: Zombie Cat use your tentacles to short-circuit the guns

Zombie Cat: Done

Clockworthy: Finally I’m free, now back to my Fortress

Butch: But sir your Fortress was destroyed remember

Clockworthy: I know you’re going to rebuild it for me,

Greg: Are you taking the biscuit


Tiddles: Gulp got it

A whole day had passed and D.O.A.C and Clockworthy’s henchmen had as most finished re building the Fortress, while Clockworthy was just sitting back in a deck chair drinking lemonade, ordering them around.

Clockworthy: Superb, keep up the good work

Zombie Cat: Why the hell do we work for this twat

Count Pringle: I was thinking the same thing

Tiddles: I smell a cat

Oliver the cat was hiding in a bush in front of Fortress Clockworthy

Oliver the cat: Oh what the Clockworthy has escaped, i need to warn the others.

Oliver the cat then fled

Butch: Where finished boss

Clockworthy: Excellent now to go buy some furniture at IKEA and to steal back my equipment, but first, Count Pringle did you get the remote control device from my belongings from the prison

Count Pringle: Got it here boss

Clockworthy: Excellent now to turn on the satellite in space on.

Clockworthy pressed the yellow spiralling button on the remote then his satellite began to work sending an odd signal down onto Toon World, It began to brain wash the citizens of the planet, their eyes turned yellow and their pupils became black spirals.

Clockworthy: Now the whole of toon world will obey me. Now the revenge part Kidnap Oliver the cat, Trev Obrian, Vortex and Mr. Pringles loved ones. And I’ll take care of Elliot and his friends. HaAAAAAAAAHHHHAAAAAAAAA.

Meanwhile in the cartoons secret base

Oliver the cat: You guy’s Clockworthy has escaped and Zombie cat, Count Pringle and the Bull dogs helped him, there calling themselves D.O.A.C

Trev: Oh dear that’s not good

Salem: Every one out side ... there acting strange their eyes they look like Clockworthy’s eyes he’s controlling them.

Vortex: Oh dear what shall we do

Blackhole: we need to contact our creators some how

Link: Perhaps Clockworthy has some sort of device like that

Tom: yeah but you herd Oliver the cat

Oliver the cat: I heard Clockworthy say they were going to IKEA

Trev: Then let’s go at break into his Fortress while he is out.

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